Air Mobility & Airports

Our focus is on aviation climate action, integration of Future Aviation, passenger experience, and digitally connecting the aviation ecosystem, in order to position the UK at the forefront of future air transport and aviation sustainability.

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Aviation sustainability

Reducing the climate impact of flight. New systems and technologies - from doorstep to destination.

Accelerating air mobility

How drones and vertical taxis are revolutionising flight. Quicker journeys to more places. Safer and cheaper logistics.

Projects, Opportunities & Case Studies

Future of Air Mobility Accelerator 2022
Connected Places Catapult is seeking SMEs with innovative solutions to join a 6-month accelerator programme for the aviation industry.
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Authentication System (UASAS) project
This project aims to strengthen the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations across use cases, including for medical emergencies and supply delivery. By ensuring the security and integrity of UAS communications that is crucial to their safe flight, as well as the safety of other airspace users.
ATOMICUS drone project takes off
The safe and efficient use of cargo drones in UK airspace to transport items such as medical supplies or aircraft spare parts is a huge opportunity. But the use of commercial drones at airports alongside traditional passenger aircraft is not without its risks.
Getting ready for the Airspace of the Future
Much is being done across the UK to integrate drone services within the wider transport ecosystem to ensure safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.
The tech leaders shaping the future of airspace
The time is ripe for the aerospace and technology sectors to collaborate towards a more integrated approach to alternative transportation and fuel options. And it’s an ideal opportunity to position the UK as a world leader in new aviation technology.
Preparing UK airports for zero emission aircraft
The UK Government is investing in the infrastructure upgrades required at UK airports to move to battery and hydrogen-powered aircraft.
Future of Air Mobility Accelerator seeks innovators
The Future of Air Mobility (FAM) Accelerator will be selecting 12 SMEs to join a 6-month programme, where they will receive support from a consortium of industry, academic and regulatory partners on the trial and testing of disruptive innovations.
Airspace Integration of Drones in support of COVID Response
The reliance on Temporary Danger Areas or any other airspace segregation to accommodate 'Beyond Visual Line of Sight' (BVLOS) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations in the UK is sustainable. It is imperative that solutions of safely integrate BVLOS operations with existing airspace users are found to unlock the economic and societal benefits of UAVS.