Putting Air Mobility and Airports at the Heart of Innovation

Our focus is on aviation climate action, integration of emerging aviation technology, passenger experience, and digitally connecting the aviation ecosystem, in order to position the UK at the forefront of future air transport and aviation sustainability.
Andrew Chadwick
Ecosystem Director Air Mobility & Airports

Initiatives 2024


Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our age, and the urgency to act has never been clearer. As we confront this global threat, every sector must play its part, including aviation.

Connected Places Catapult play a key role in identifying and finding solutions to these challenges.

Initiatives 2024

Air Mobility

Aviation has a great opportunity to catalyse high quality connectivity within and between places – whether physical, digital, or social – and to be a vital enabler of productivity and economic success

Emerging aviation technology sparks innovative solutions that are cheaper, greener, and available to all.

Initiatives 2024

Digital Aviation

The introduction of integrated IoT, AI, cloud-based, data analytical digital technology will revolutionise the aviation industry making it more sustainable, passenger-friendly, safer, cost-effective, and efficient.
Initiatives 2024

Passenger Experience

How to optimise the experience of all airport users is an on-going challenge.

We explore how stakeholders across the ecosystem can collaborate to improve the airport experience for all passengers.

The art of taking flight

Deaf travellers are helping to shape trials of new accessibility technology at Glasgow Airport, in partnership with Connected Places Catapult.
As part of the Future of Flight Phase III Challenge, the Intelligent Drones for Ports and Highways (InDePTH) consortium envision a future where the deployment of intelligent drones may be used to support a wide range of inspection and maintenance tasks around national critical infrastructures.