Tackle industry challenges with a cohort of key sector players

Customer Case Studies


Technology specialist OpenSpace provided railway station operators with a new generation of data-driven decision-making tools to revolutionise the way that stations are managed, both during and after the pandemic.


Almost 5000 members from more than 2300 organisations have joined the Digital Twin Hub; a community of clients, suppliers and digital innovators who share knowledge, accelerate the use digital twins and explore future possibilities.

Benefits of an innovation cluster

Access a thriving innovation network

Forge new partnerships, and maximise the impact in what you are trying to achieve.

Target your investment

Work with stakeholders who are well versed in making proposals investor ready.

Benefit from our expertise

Our cluster managers have extensive experience, and can connect you to the type of organisations you’re looking for.

Share benefits widely

Focusing on community impact, raising awareness, and increasing the number of collaborative opportunities

Start building a legacy

Get multiple opportunities to network, create lasting business relationships and make a positive long-term impact.

Make smarter decisions

Gain deep market insight and benefit from the latest research, so you can forecast risks and make smart business decisions.

Knowledge is power

Be part of a culture of continuous learning and growth, with access to new ideas and intelligence.

Get investment ready

Plug any gaps you might have with our investment readiness support, and connect with a pool of public and private investors.

Our Impact

Network Effect

Opening up dialogues between stakeholders to create innovation and sales opportunities

Identifying pain points

Articulating challenges allows collective actions to be taken to rectify barriers.


Receive access to a continuous pipeline of new ideas to allow quicker investment decisions.

Shared Values and Systems

Agree on shared processes to remove friction to trade and start to develop frameworks or standardised governance.

Resilience and responsiveness

Have a broader overview of new trends in the sector, successes, and failures so you can make more effective and powerful decisions.


Delivering value to the cluster members so that arrangements can continue after the end of the structured process.

What our Customers Say

“The support from the Catapult around commercialisation and fundraising was fantastic; the funding coincided with a time when a lot of external funding markets became difficult to access. Without the Fund, we would not have got to where we are now.”

Curb Cargo’s Founder, Steve Whyman

“This invaluable support has demonstrated the potential of innovation and led to the unlocking of future investments in technology-driven solutions.”

Port of Dover’s Strategy Manager, Timothy Van Vugt

What does the programme involve?

We assemble Innovation Clusters around your specific sector challenges to help you lead change and build a lasting legacy. Each one brings together brilliant innovators from different backgrounds to compound the individual impact.

With Connected Places Catapult, you’ll access a comprehensive level of expertise, knowledge transfer across sectors, and our unique understanding of connectivity and place. We’ll support you throughout your innovation journey, unlocking the full potential of your ideas and driving meaningful change in the transport, infrastructure, and built environment sectors.

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Tackle industry challenges with 
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