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Great Britain Trip Database Portal (GBDP)
Connected Places Catapult is providing free access to anonymised and aggregated Mobile Network data, provided by O2.
Freeport Innovation Network
Supporting the UK Freeports in the delivery of their innovation objectives, ensuring long term legacy impact for businesses and communities.
A sunlit, multi-lane highway with zero-emission road freight trucks and cars traveling in both directions, surrounded by green trees and fields under a setting sun.
Zero-Emission Road Freight
Connected Places Catapult is helping to accelerate the transition to zero-emission road freight.
Aerial view of a coastal city with buildings, green spaces, roads, and a beach with waves approaching the shore. Adjacent to the beach is an amusement park. The sky is partly cloudy.
Innovation Places Leadership Academy 
Helping place leaders to foster innovation-led prosperity across the UK .
A row of modern, two-story brick houses with garages and front yards under a clear blue sky showcases the potential for a seamless housing retrofit.
Retrofit of Homes for Health and Resilience
Connected Places Catapult has launched its next Housing Innovation milestone on Retrofit of Homes for Health and Resilience, which looks to accelerate retrofit programmes to achieve better health and climate resilience outcomes in private residential properties.
A group of six men and one woman stand in front of the 'Departures' sign in Manchester Airport.
Future Aviation Security Solutions Industrial PHD Partnerships (FASS IPP)
In this programme academia and industry have been brought together to develop innovative ideas capable of transforming the future of aviation security. As well as to promote seamless travel to better the passenger experience.
Aerial view of a cityscape at dusk with numerous buildings, streets, and illuminated lights extending into the horizon.
Innovation in the West Midlands
Two major programmes of work are driving forward innovation in the West Midlands by supporting local innovators and bolstering the region's ability to spark commercial growth and investment.
A modern, illuminated arch structure with streetlights glows under the nighttime sky. Buildings stand tall in the background while people and vehicles, including micro-mobility options, navigate near the structure.
Unlocking the value chain of shared electric two-wheelers in India
Helping to promote a shift towards shared micro-mobility, and highlighting the leading role which city governments can play by partnering with the private sector.