Overcome the barriers in your funding strategy and de-risk the investment process

Customer Case Studies

Zero Emission Transport Cities

Connected Places Catapult were commissioned by the DfT to deliver the Investment in Zero Emission Transport Cities (iZETC) programme to identify ways to unlock capital for local authorities.

Hydrogen Innovation Initiative

Hydrogen represents not only a path to decarbonisation, but also a significant, global opportunity economic opportunity for the UK.

Impactful Benefits

Accelerate the process

Focus your investment strategy to reduce the time taken to secure capital

Develop new collaborations

Identify new collaborations and approaches to investment to increase the impact of the capital you secure

Reduce risk

Reduce the investment risk by planning out your investment strategy and being clear on the benefits for all

Secure future funding

Increase the chance of gaining future investment by completing a successful funding exercise

What our Customers Say

Connected Places Catapult is leading some of the most innovative investment initiatives that we see across the transport and place landscape. They are pushing the boundaries of investment, developing and testing new investment models that bring together public and private capital to address some of the biggest industrial challenges facing our society.”

Arnold Du Toit, Founder, WeSprint – Investment Advisory

What does the
programme involve?


Baseline objectives

We work with you to identify and qualify the core objectives of your investment needs


Develop programme plan

We work with you to co-develop the investment plan and key activities needed to successfully deliver your process


Identify key stakeholders

Using our network, we will identify and classify the key stakeholders that need to be engaged as part of the investment process


Deliver external engagement

We use a range of engagement methods to bring together and interact with organisations that will have a stake or influence in your investment process


Consolidate insights

We consolidate and analyse the insights gained from the external engagement to inform the direction of your investment strategy


Develop investment strategy

Creating an investment strategy that outlines the key steps, challenges and expected outcomes for securing the capital you need



We will work with you to deliver the investment strategy, utilising our position as a neutral and trusted convenor


Impact evaluation

We evaluate the impact of delivering your investment strategy, to validate and demonstrate what has been achieved

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Overcome the barriers in your funding strategy and de-risk the investment process

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