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Customer Case Studies

HS2 Accelerator

Rail industry innovators demonstrating new technology that promise cost savings, better decision making and higher performance, accuracy and quality have been introduced to stakeholders through Connected Places Catapult.


National Highways asked Connected Places Catapult to investigate innovative and cost-effective methods for removing graffiti from infrastructure and preventing it from appearing.

Benefits of our
Innovation Accelerator

Facilitate collaboration

Solve industry-wide challenges by removing boundaries between the public and private sectors.

De-risk innovation

Reducing potential cost and disruption associated with new innovations.

Explore the possibilities

Trial new technologies safely and create the solutions your customers need.

Our Impact

commercial value
commercial trials
investment raised
jobs created

What our Customers Say

“The Catapult provided a fantastic opportunity to gain a deep understanding of customer experience needs, challenges and aspirations of HS2 and Network Rail. As an innovative tech startup in predictive maintenance, we recognise that it is only by partnering and meeting the needs of major operators that we will build SensoRail into a game changing product.”

Anwar Almojarkesh, CEO & Founder of SensoRail Ltd.

What does innovation accelerator involve?

Every Innovation Accelerator is slightly different, depending on your project goals. Each one is run by a team of experienced specialists who have delivered an impressive array of successful programmes to date.


Challenge identification and selection

We bring robust technical expertise to help meet your challenges and manage the selection process to help you choose the right innovators.


Business development support

You will be connected to SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to implement new solutions into their own or their partners’ businesses.



We will support you in offering structured mentoring to your chosen SMEs.


Data access

You will collaborate closely, sharing relevant data and related technical expertise to support SMEs in answering their challenges.



You will be able to collaborate on trials, reducing cost and de-risking the innovation process.


Brand promotion

You will have the opportunity to access headline sponsorship, showcase thought leadership and prominent marketing visibility at inclusive and collaborative Demo Days.

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Solve your innovation challenges at scale

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Connect with the right partners to achieve your innovation ambitions

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Overcome the barriers in your funding strategy and de-risk the investment process

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Unlock inclusive, innovation-friendly procurement

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Validate your investments and 
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