Connect with the right partners to achieve your innovation ambitions

Customer Case Studies


Connected Places Catapult organised this competition to bring a cohort of world leading academics together with businesses to develop new and exciting research projects to prepare for the future of aviation security.


Creating mutually beneficial partnerships has the potential to unlock international market opportunities, shared research initiatives and deliver on policy agendas of growth, inclusivity and sustainability.

Benefits of our
Innovation Partnerships

Forge invaluable relationships

Make connections that give you new insight, and boost your innovation capacity and culture.

Define your preferred future

Take clear steps to address your challenges and work as a network to reach a common goal.

Influence and advocate for regulations

Gain insights into policies which effect your defined challenge, and get opportunities to shape their development.

Establish your competitive edge

Set yourself apart from your competitors and define your point of difference.

Invest and act with certainty

Minimise the risks of uncertain choices and make informed decisions on investment, resource allocation, partnerships and planning.

Catalyse innovative thinking

Spot gaps in your current innovation capabilities and inject new ideas from a diverse pool of partners.

Our Impact

Competitive Advantage

Identify unique opportunities, differentiate from competitors, and strategically position yourselves as a leader in your respective market.

Actionable recommendations

Rapidly gather market insights, new ways of thinking and working. Engage with and learn from other partners on defined challenges.

Innovative Product and Service Development

Identify and fill gaps in your current innovation capabilities and forge productive new collaborations.

Entrepreneurial Culture and Intrapreneurship

Helping foster an entrepreneurial mindset within your workforce. Empower employees and create a culture of experimentation.

Regulatory and Policy

Gain insights into current and emerging policy, and influence future regulations.

What our Customers Say

“Being twinned with Busan using a data-led approach has helped make this partnership tangible. Our innovation ecosystem is quite mature so we have a strong foundation. But applying the triple helix of government, business and academia to a market like Busan has been exciting, both in terms of our international work, as well as our place-based innovation partnership with Innovate UK.”

John Whaling, Innovation Lead at Liverpool City Region

What does the
programme involve?

Innovation Partnerships are tailored to your needs and are based around seven core elements:


Capturing requirements

Identifying pains, gains and jobs to be done.



Scanning our professional network to identify the right people to engage in your ambitions.



Bringing partners together in a structured programme – the core of our partnering service.



Creating a shared plan of action to realise common goals.



Providing opportunities to upskill in areas of need to maximise the success of the project


Impact Evaluation and Project management

Generating robust analysis of the benefits and case for change. All of our service is underpinned by a commitment to robust project management, reporting and budget control

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Connect with the right partners to achieve your innovation ambitions

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