The plans, policies, strategies and cultures which enable or inhibit innovation in a given location are shaped by place leaders. We seek to empower place leaders to be confident customers of innovation and effective stewards of the UK's innovation economy.
Sam Markey
Ecosystem director

Initiatives for 2023

Innovation Places

Innovation places are engines of economic growth and renewal. Visit our Innovation Places hub to learn what works in sparking inclusive regional innovation economies and to connect with our networks of pioneers and practitioners.
Initiatives for 2023

Smarter Spending

An innovation-friendly approach to public sector buying has the power to deliver better user experiences and spark economic growth. Discover insights, advice and practical support in the Smarter Spending hub.

The art of
place leadership

Embracing new ideas can help to transform public service, says Connected Places Catapult’s new Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre head, Rikesh Shah.
Natalie Jameson was shortlisted for the Northern Power Women Inclusive Innovation Award earlier this year, sponsored by Connected Places Catapult, and talks about why being inclusive is important to her.