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Creating partnerships to bridge the gap between buyers, suppliers, innovators and industry, helping place leaders and their partners to implement new solutions which enable clean, innovation-led levelling up.

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Challenging Procurement

Connected Places Catapult is engaged with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement ecosystem to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement

Hubs of innovation

Connected Places Catapult has worked with a range of public and private sector place leaders to seed and stimulate local hubs of innovation both in the UK and globally.

Projects, Opportunities & Case Studies

Case Study
Intelligent local partnerships in smart infrastructure & urban mobility
Pop-up electric vehicle chargers, green walls and electric scooters were among the systems tested as part of a project exploring how the transport hub of the future could look and function.
UK and Republic of Korea launch new innovation twinning programme
Cities are engines of national growth and centres of innovation, creativity and connectivity. In our globalised innovation economy city twinning is having a data-led renaissance - and the UK and South Korea are leading the way.
UK and São Paulo team up to tackle climate change
As civic leaders begin the daunting task of decarbonisation our cities, transport, and energy systems, it is vital that cities around the world explore new partnerships for learning and collaboration.
Case Study
G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance Cyber Accountability
As more and more cities embrace connectivity and technology like connected devices and IOT, the threat of serious cyber-attacks on digital infrastructure is increased.
Case Study
UK firm SpaceTimeAI tackling traffic congestion in Brazil
Traffic congestion has been identified as one of Brazil’s most pressing urban challenges. In the last 15 years public transport ridership dropped 15%, while the country’s car fleet tripled.
Case Study
Assessing sustainable transport solutions for rural mobility
Rural environments are often perceived as areas of low demand for travel. Urban areas are thriving in trialling more connected and digital new mobility services, yet rural areas often struggle to attract investments in this area.
Upskill yourself in how to create a connected place
Local leaders can sometime struggle to know where to start when it comes to commissioning innovation, or even understanding the innovation economy. It can be daunting and you sometimes need a guide.
Case Study
Leveraging UK expertise to address net zero in Latin America
Across Latin America cities are becoming key drivers in the innovation to tackle climate change and net zero challenges.