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Since 2013 the Department for Transport (DfT) and Connected Places Catapult have worked closely together to transform the UK transport system through the opportunities that technological innovations present.

The collaboration between the DfT and Connected Places Catapult extends beyond individual goals. We are aligned to a shared vision of the UK’s future as a global leader in transport innovation.

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Together, we leverage our strengths and shared focus on innovation, delivering projects and programmes that respond to the innovation challenges of today and tomorrow.
We support the development of technologies which enhance transportation, driving UK economic growth and making transportation safer, accessible, more efficient, and sustainable.
Our projects are as diverse in focus as the challenges we aim to find solutions for. Like helping the DfT to face cross-departmental challenges such as enabling drone operations and digital infrastructure asset management.
All of this work is possible because the DfT’s Science, Innovation & Technology Division manages the collaboration with Connected Places Catapult and administers a Grant Funding Agreement for project delivery, with oversight from DfT’s Chief Scientific Adviser.


Transport Research Innovation Grants: Since 2014 we have awarded over £12 million to 361 innovation projects to develop new solutions to DfT challenges.

articles / Meet the innovator providing 5G at sea

Battling gusty winds at sea in a boat with a broken sail made James Thomas realise just how useful a reliable phone signal would have been to provide emergency navigation and communicate his plight. After making it to shore, he set about developing a floating 5G mobile network to help those in hostile environments stay connected.



Transport is responsible for 27% of the UK’s total emissions, more than any sector. Learn how we are taking on the biggest challenge of them all.

reports / Low Carbon for the Rail Freight Estate

Supporting UK industries and the Department for Transport to deliver cleaner, greener future mobility solutions and services is a key part of Connected Places Catapult’s work.


Freight Innovation fund

The Freight Innovation Fund (FIF) supports SMEs with solutions to current challenges in the UK’s freight sector, as well as developing a future pipeline of solutions to meet the sector’s emerging needs.