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Innovating for Sustainable Futures – A Playbook for UK and Indian Cities
India is facing the reality of encouraging economic growth and social development whilst moving towards a green economy.
Opening the Innovation Economy: The case for inclusive innovation in the UK
New research explores how places can help spread prosperity by making the innovation economy more inclusive.
UK-Minas Gerais In The Race To Net Zero
The UK and the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil have a long-lasting relationship, and both parties have a mutual interest in strengthening collaboration in various areas.
Integrated Planning for Net Zero
What does a cross-sector, place-based approach to Net Zero planning look like? Our report looks at key challenges and sets out a vision for the future of integrated planning.
Feasibility of Zero Emissions Airport Operations in England by 2040
The UK Government has set a target for the UK aviation sector to reach net zero by 2050, as part of the government’s wider commitment to reducing UK emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement.
Net-zero aviation set for take-off
Air travel is back on the agenda post-COVID, but every conventional flight carries with it some climate baggage, in the form of emissions. Aviation is one of the most carbon-intensive modes of transport and its decarbonisation is key to achieving net-zero goals. So, can airport infrastructure evolve fast enough for the UK to hit its targets by 2050?
Unlocking the societal value of Digital Twin technology
Valued at approximately $4 billion already, expectations for the Digital Twin market are high.
New insights into academic engagement
During the pandemic the Higher Education sector in the UK experienced much of the same seismic impact on economic health and prosperity as the rest of the economy.