Helping academics & research institutions deliver real world impact

Our aim is to increase the impact of research activity and maximise its exploitation. Driving real world innovation by verifying market opportunities, finding delivery partners, and identifying future customers and initiaves.

Taking Applied research to market

We facilitate research driven partnerships that solve critical issues in three key areas and across six markets.

People's Experience

Places prosper when they understand and design for the needs of people. Connected Places Catapult has access to a range of capabilities which help partners to understand changing needs and to design for experience.

Connected Intelligence

The infrastructure that enables digital connectivity within and between places as well as the technology and intelligence that enables data-rich insights, modelling and analysis.

Climate Action

We convene the markets to spark disruptive innovation and scale up Net Zero and resilience technologies, by developing the business and operational case for adoption and deployment.

Innovation imperatives into markets

Place Leadership

Integrated Infrastructure

Maritime & ports

Air mobility & airports

Rail & stations

Homes & housing

We connect research to businesses and government departments, accelerating change & solving critical issues

We develop researchers’ entrepreneurial mindsets, whether approaching a local authority to get access to data sets or large corporations looking for improvements in market offerings or opening up entirely new markets.




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Our Academic Network is an environment for exchange of ideas, knowledge, learning and the opportunity to promote collaboration. We hope that you are interested in joining our network which already has over 250 members from 60 UK universities.

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By recognizing the significance of societal readiness assessment, engaging in critical formative review, by providing inspiration and a testbed for experimentation with indicators, CPC have been pivotal in developing the Societal Readiness Framework.

They are a key partner in a £20k Lancaster ESRC IAA project April-December 2022 to consolidate the toolbox for SORA and develop impact.

Monika Büscher, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University

Opportunities within the network

Access to industry
To strengthen your networks, keep up to date with current challenges faced by companies and be best placed to meet them.
Access to opportunities
To keep up to date with opportunities funded by the Catapult or our partners, such us RiRs, BFN, TRIG grants.
Sector reports & publications
Focused research and reports from us and our partners.
Signposting to funding

To extend your understanding of the funding landscape, hear of the funders you have not considered before, including private investors in innovation.

Dissemination of research
To share your research findings, tools and methodologies with our networks, to promote application and increase impact
To participate or contribute to our network events & those of our partners.  

Take a detailed research needs assessment

We created the platform to support universities and research & technology organisations to exploit and share their intellectual property.

After registering with the academic network, researchers are invited to share details of their work to receive specific methodical and technical feedback from our sector specialists and social and economic modelling teams.

We undertake a significant amount of analysis to provide the quantitative inputs into this process, confirming the viability of innovative research.

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