Intelligent Drones Revolutionise Infrastructure Inspections: A Market Report

As part of the Future of Flight Phase III Challenge, the Intelligent Drones for Ports and Highways (InDePTH) consortium envision a future where the deployment of intelligent drones may be used to support a wide range of inspection and maintenance tasks around national critical infrastructures.

Currently, large-scale inspections of critical national infrastructure hold many high-risk challenges for port operators and highway maintenance teams due to a wide range of factors resulting in inefficient processes.

To address this, Connected Places Catapult seeks to capture and understand the end user requirements in a real working environment to provide support by reviewing current and potential use of intelligent drones around critical infrastructures in a more safe, efficient, and seamless manner.

Key learnings are published in this market research report that provides some contextual understanding of the drones, ports and highways markets, identifying current trends and outlining competitive forces that may influence the success of the InDePTH solution. The report offers actionable insights culminating in critical recommendations for further development.

Indepth Market Analysis Report May 2024
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