The maritime & ports sector is the gateway to some of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and presents innovation opportunities to deliver sustainable, equitable growth for our communities and economies.
Mark Wray
Ecosystem Director of Maritime & Ports

Initiatives 2023/24


With Climate change being the challenge of our time and 95% of all UK trade reaching us through shipping, see how we are working alongside industry on its journey to Net Zero.
Initiatives 2023/24


The advent of 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data open up huge opportunities for the maritime sector, see how we are transforming the industry to drive efficiency in operations, save cost and enable safer working environments
Initiatives 2023/24


The maritime sector is at the heart of the UK's supply chain, see how we are bringing together SME's and industry from across all modes of transport to drive standardisation, efficiencies and innovation across the logistics sector

Making waves

Caroline Levey has combined her passions of sailing, geography and data to help introduce new methods of maritime navigation and port management.
This guide is designed to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and growing companies innovating in the maritime industry or thinking of applying their innovations to solve maritime problems make the right funding choices.