Our maritime past and future with David Shukman

In this episode, we meet David Shukman, former BBC Science Editor. For over 30 years David has been reporting from all over the globe on the profound changes that are happening in our environment, our seas, and the wider natural world.

David has some fascinating stories to share from his time as a science reporter, and he’s also thought a lot about the future of the world’s oceans and the profound changes and innovations we’re witnessing here in Britain. This episode is the full interview with David, who briefly appeared on our recent episode on the future of the UK’s ports, which you can also listen to here 

In that episode we explored the innovation that’s happening the UK’s maritime economy, the role of ports as a powerful engine of regional growth and a potential gateway to new global markets and routes to foreign direct investment. We also heard from some of the innovators and port operators who are writing a new maritime story in Britain, like Bob Sanguinetti, CEO of Aberdeen Harbour and Nolan Gray, Freeport Director at Tees Valley Combined Authority. We heard from Anna Ziou, Policy Director at the UK Chamber of Shipping, as well as Mark Wharton and Sophie Peachy from IOTICS, a UK company specialising in data and digital twin technology. 

Music on this episode is by Phill Ward Music (www.phillward.com) 

Show notes: 

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