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Inclusive innovation in the West Midlands

The UK is positioning itself to be a global hub for innovation by 2035. But how do we make sure that the innovation economy creates opportunities for people and communities from all corners of the country?

Getting this right has implications not just for businesses and research institutions, but also for the life chances of people and communities who have typically been marginalised or overlooked by the innovation economy.

So in this episode we explore some of the latest thinking on inclusive innovation and what it means for places – specifically one of the UK’s most diverse and vibrant city regions: the West Midlands.

We’ll be hearing from Emma Frost, Chair of the UK Innovation District Group, Pam Waddell OBE, Director of the Innovation Alliance for West Midlands, James Muscat-Sharpe, Co-Founder of Birmingham Digital Futures Innovation District, Monder Ram, Director of Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship, and our Connected Places Catapult colleagues, Alex Cousins, Business Director for Devolved & Local Government and Catherine Hadfield, Principal Place Development Lead.

Theme music on this episode is by Phill Ward Music (www.phillward.com)

Show notes

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A full transcript of the episode including all participants is available here.