Creating global markets working in partnership with UK Businesses

Our global programme eases the entry of UK business into emerging innovation markets around the world.
People walking on a sunlit city street with shops and colorful stalls on one side and a row of barriers on the other.

Repeatable, proven, innovation

On the demand side we help cities and transport authorities to become better informed buyers in the market. And on the supply side we help businesses to test, scale and commercialise new innovations in cities.

We don’t push a particular solution. We focus on what works locally. We’re practical.

City innovation twinning
Creates jobs in both geographies, global access for participating organisaitons, shared socioeconomic prosperity and lasting R&I collaborations focussed on solving city challenges.
Net zero typology profiling
Strengthens understanding of a cities’ net zero related challenges and opportunities. This provides valuable insights which allows us to match capability to needs and assess which cities would be a best fit for UK expertise on net zero.
Challenges, open calls, pilots

We connect UK and in country SMEs to form joint ventures. UK SMEs get their first opportunity in a new market and a partner for scaling, and host country SMEs get a UK partner to more easily enter the UK market which means inward investment.

We work with large businesses both in the UK and abroad to enable large scale demos that both UK and in country partner SMEs can help deliver. In some cases, these are a natural progression from our city challenges, open call and pilots.
City strategy & roadmaps
Global Programme roadmaps help take a place from Point A to Point B by providing a plan to get there and a pipeline of UK Businesses that can deliver the roadmap. We recently completed a pathway to Mobility as a Service in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
Digital twins / Bim
The next phase for UKs BIM International programme.

If you have a great idea, innovative product or service which you believe could improve the way people connect and travel in the cities around the world, we would love to hear from you –

“We partnered up with Connected Places Catapult to virtually deliver our British Embassy funded project on Net Zero Urban Innovation Challenges in the Pacific Alliance and the Latin American Region.

Since development of the concept to final delivery, CPC was an incredibly responsive and well managed, securing resources and agendas across different teams in 3+ time zones.

I am delighted to have collaborated with them to successfully deliver all activities, and to have engaged with key stakeholders in the region to increase the outreach of our project”
Javiera Ibacache, Economic Diplomacy Programme Manager, FCDO Chile
Results found
Cities Climate Action Summit
A dedicated event to discuss how cities around the globe can drive change.
A cityscape featuring a tall central skyscraper surrounded by various modern buildings under a partly cloudy sky during sunset, reflecting efforts in climate change mitigation through sustainable architecture.
Shaping the Future, Today
Apply to showcase future focused solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation
A modern, illuminated arch structure with streetlights glows under the nighttime sky. Buildings stand tall in the background while people and vehicles, including micro-mobility options, navigate near the structure.
Unlocking the value chain of shared electric two-wheelers in India
Helping to promote a shift towards shared micro-mobility, and highlighting the leading role which city governments can play by partnering with the private sector.
A group of individuals stands in front of a building with a sign that reads "Civil Engineering." The group includes people of diverse ages and attire, posing for a group photo.
UK – India Innovation for Net Zero: Exploring place-based bilateral partnerships
International collaboration can boost the power of places to deliver on net zero goals. A new partnership between the UK and India which involves Connected Places Catapult is hoping to achieve just that.
Nighttime cityscape featuring light trails from cars on a circular road, modern architectural structures, and a mountain range with illuminated peaks in the background.
Desafíos en resiliencia hídrica en Monterrey
Reino Unido - LATAM Programa Net-Zero y Resiliencia. Taller colaborativo para explorar los retos entorno a la resiliencia hídrica en la Ciudad de Monterrey.
Night view of a modern cityscape with a circular road, blurred car lights, and contemporary buildings. A mountain range is visible in the background under a partly cloudy sky.
Water resilience challenges in Monterrey
UK – LATAM Net-Zero and Resilience Programme. A collaborative workshop session to explore the challenges to achieving water resilience in the City of Monterrey
A large, historic building is illuminated at night with cars driving past, creating light trails in the foreground.
Mobility challenges in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara
UK – LATAM Net-Zero and Resilience Programme. A collaborative workshop session to explore the challenges to improve mobility services in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara
Banner for the 8th Annual Sustainability Week by Economist Impact, taking place from March 29th to 31st, 2023 in London, UK, with an option for virtual attendance. "Register" button on the right.
8th annual Sustainability Week
Join over 1000 leaders, businesses, financiers, investors, NGOs and policymakers in London and more than 4,500 attendees online to ensure you are part of the sustainable future.

Our Global Partners

We partner with key global innovation organisations and networks to deliver impactful activities, from thought leadership to testbed projects that will address challenges in places with the adoption of innovation and aid key goals such as clean growth.

In partnering with such world-renowned organisations, we ensure we deliver impact across innovation value chains.

The image shows the UN-Habitat logo, featuring the text "UN-HABITAT" in blue with the UN emblem, consisting of a world map surrounded by olive branches, positioned to the left.
Logo of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) displaying abstract circular designs above the text "Open & Agile Smart Cities.
The image shows the UNDP logo, which consists of the United Nations emblem on the left and the letters "UNDP" in a stacked format on the right, all in white against a blue background.
Logo of the World Economic Forum featuring the name in uppercase letters and a stylized partial blue circle intersecting the text.
Logo of ERTICO ITS Europe featuring stylized text and a star-shaped design with multicolored lines.
Green square logo with "C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group" in white text.