Alternative Fuels: The Journey for UK Ports and Harbours

The maritime industry faces significant challenges in its transition toward decarbonisation. Ports and harbours encounter obstacles such as constrained power grids, limited technology deployment space, scarcity of alternative fuels, substantial infrastructure costs, and uncertainty about future fuel handling processes.

Connected Places Catapult is developing a proof-of-concept web app to support a sustainable maritime future. This app will enable ports and harbours to model their current energy mix, assess emissions, explore diverse energy scenarios, evaluate potential solutions, and estimate CO2e reductions and implementation costs. The report also delves into various port typologies, spanning from low to high complexity, emphasising the transformative potential of zero-emission fuels—particularly renewable electricity. Connected Places Catapult remains committed to aiding the maritime sector in its decarbonisation journey, fostering a more sustainable future.

For further details, refer to the full report published by Connected Places Catapult.

Alternative Fuels: The Journey for UK Ports and Harbours
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