Two women with luggage navigate the bustling airport terminal, surrounded by a crowd of travelers. The scene epitomizes accessible flying, with modern amenities ensuring a smooth journey for all passengers.

How are tech innovators making flying more accessible?

In this episode we take a look at what airports and airline operators are doing to make flying more accessible.

There are 14 million people in the UK with some form of disability.

For too many, using public transport can be a nightmare – whether it’s getting on and off a bus, or navigating the complex, stressful and often-confusing environment of a large transport interchange.

Sadly, when it comes to accessibility, there’s some way to go before we can genuinely say that our public transport system really is open and accessible for all.

In this episode we take a look at what airports and airline operators are doing to make flying more accessible. How are new technologies making a difference? What do innovators need to be thinking about when developing solutions for people with disabilities? And what is the Catapult doing to support better collaboration and support for companies working in this space?

We meet Ann Frye, the UK Government’s Disability and Access Ambassador for Aviation, Fredi Nonyelu, CEO and Founder of Briteyellow, Gavin Neate, CEO and Founder of WelcoMe, Yael Shomron, Marketing Manager at Step Hear, and Andrew Chadwick, the Catapult’s Interim Ecosystem Director for Airports & Aviation.

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Show notes

To learn more about this issue and what the Catapult is doing, check out this article by Vasant Chair, our Director of Human Connected Design.

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