Connected Places Catapult is the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport, and places. 

Innovation as a Service

At Connected Places Catapult, we provide impartial ‘innovation as a service’ for mobility and built environment businesses, infrastructure providers and public institutions to catalyse step-change improvements in the way people live, work and travel.

Commercialising Cutting-edge Research

We connect businesses and public sector leaders to cutting-edge research. We help develop, implement and commercialise the latest technology and innovation for existing markets, as well as create demand and grow new markets in the UK and globally. In addition to the many projects we’re working on with our partners, we run technology demonstrations and innovation accelerators for SMEs to help scale new solutions that drive business growth while contributing to the economic growth and a better, greener future for all.

Post-pandemic Places

Post-Pandemic Places – innovation in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.

The advent of COVID-19 has inspired significant new demand for tech innovation which enables individuals, organisations and local economies to adapt and respond to the new normal. We see huge potential for such innovations to help places not just survive COVID-19 but thrive in the short, medium and longer term. 

Net Zero Places

Achieving UK and global targets for net zero by 2050 will be the defining challenge of our time.

To accelerate the transition to Net Zero Places, we are working with innovators, industry, regulators, academics and place leaders to speed the development and deployment of carbon eliminating innovations in all the ways we travel, and the places we live and work.

Hubs of Innovation

The innovation economy has been one of the defining features of the last economic cycle.

There are now more than 500 places around the world that have been recognised or designated as hubs of innovation within their region. These places accommodate a growing portion of an innovation economy and scale growth on both regional and national levels. 

Business and Innovation Accelerators – Success Stories

Connected Places Catapult has demonstrated a strong track record over the past 3 years in delivering innovation accelerator programmes. By coalescing vital stakeholders in the built environment and mobility industries eco-system, we have successfully launched 8 accelerator programmes to date, selecting and supporting over 80 exceptional transport, construction and services companies, many of whom now have expanded their operations globally.

With an experienced in-house team who have been designing and scaling accelerator programmes for upwards of 10 years, working with a wide range of partners from the private and public sectors, focusing on transport, built environment and critical infrastructure domain areas.

Connected Places Catapult Accelerator Programmes

“Our dedicated SME programme supports small businesses and enables them to get to their next growth level through our intensive accelerators, connections to pioneering practice and access to physical test beds and cutting-edge research.” Prof Greg Clark, Chair, Connected Places Catapult

Our Partnerships

We work in partnership with others across the UK and beyond to achieve impact.

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