2022 – A Year in Review

It’s been another eventful year on the Connected Places Podcast and we’ve got a lot to look back on as 2022 draws to a close!

In this episode we revisit some of the stories we’ve featured on the show this year, and the fascinating guests we’ve been able to have on.  

We hear from two well-known TV personalities here in Britain – the BBC’s former Science Editor, David Shukman and one of Britain’s most well-known rail enthusiasts of Great Railway Journeys fame, Michael Portillo.  

We return to the world’s 4th largest city – Sao Paulo, Brazil – where a UK and a Brazilian company have teamed up to tackle the effects of climate change in the city’s water supply. 

And there’s the inspiring story of the innovators who are using gaming technology and artificial intelligence to make public transport more accessible for people with disabilities.  

Theme music on this episode is by Phill Ward Music (www.phillward.com) 

Show notes

You can listen to the following episodes by clicking on the below links: 

How are tech innovators making it easier for people with disabilities to use public transport? 

How are companies in Cambridge and Sao Paulo tacking climate change in Brazil?  

Reimagining the UK’s ports & maritime economy 

Our maritime past and future with David Shukman 

Reimaging our railways and stations 

Great Rail Journeys of the future with Michael Portillo 

Also, to find out more about the UK Government’s Transport Research & Innovation Grants (TRIG) 2022, click here. Applications close on 15 January 2023 so don’t be late!  

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