Aerial view of a city at night featuring brightly lit highways and overpasses creating a network of moving lights among tall buildings.

2020: A Year in Review

What a year 2020 has been! On so many levels we’ve all had to pause, reflect, pivot, reimagine and rethink almost everything we do.

Like many businesses we’ve also had to find new ways to connect digitally with our global network, and one of the new initiatives in our outreach work is our new podcast, Connected Places.

Over the autumn our Chair, Prof. Greg Clark spoke to leading figures in government and industry from around the world to better understand the challenges and the opportunities of a global pandemic for our towns, cities and transport systems.

But our podcast wasn’t the only way that we stayed digitally connected. Despite COVID restrictions we still hosted over 120 online events, attended by over 7,000 people from 40 countries.

In this ‘2020: A Year in Review’ episode we listen back on some of those conversations, as well as the other voices that contributed our online programme of webinars, masterclasses, workshops, roundtables and of course our Third Thursday events.

The Connected Places Podcast will be back in the new year and we’re excited about the conversations we have planned. We’re going to be exploring the big trends that haven’t gone away despite the pandemic.

We’ll be looking at the UK’s ambitious plans to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2050. What does that mean for how we use energy in our homes, businesses and transport systems? And where will the opportunities for innovation be in the built environment?

We’ll also be looking at the levelling up agenda. How do we ensure that as and when the economic recovery comes, growth and opportunity is shared across the country? What might this mean for how we think about the innovation economy at the local and regional level?

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We look forward to sharing more stories and conversations with you in the new year.

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