Connected Places Podcast

We’re very excited to be announcing our new podcast, Connected Places!

Our chair, Professor Greg Clark will be speaking to leaders from around the world about what the places of tomorrow might look like, and where the opportunities lie for businesses, innovators and place leaders who want to be ahead of the curve.

In the Connected Places Podcast, we’ll be looking into the future of planning, housing, real estate, mobility, town centres and innovation economies. We’ll be asking businesses and innovators how the pandemic is disrupting many of our assumptions, but how it might also push us forward and accelerate change for the better.

To get a feel of what this podcast is about, listen to the trailer and don’t forget that new episodes will be coming soon, so subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify.

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Episode 34: UK Cities Climate Investment Commission II: Decarbonising Transport

In this episode we take a look at transport, which contributes almost a quarter (22%) of the UK’s green house gas emissions. There are of course different modes of transport – cars, buses, lorries, trains – and they each contribute emissions in different ways too. In a UK context you also have to bear in mind that local authorities have limited impact on most of those modes, and zero impact on some.

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