Future of Housing – Expert Insights

In this section, Connected Places Catapult has collated views from experts in the housing field discussing different aspects of housing innovation. We have shared some the latest industry insights into the Future of Housing.

House Builders and barriers to modern construction methods

Charles Glover-Short explains how modern methods of construction can help meet government housing targets.

We need ambition and innovation to tackle London’s housing crisis

James Murray highlights the ways in which the Greater London Authority is encouraging the development of new homes to curb London’s housing crisis.

How do we engage younger generations to disrupt the housing space?

Mark Southgate illustrates the crucial importance of attracting young people to design and building of new homes in the future.

Understanding the challenges of homes for healthy ageing

Bin Guan discusses the challenges we face in providing homes for an increasingly ageing population.

Transforming Housing Construction

Mike Pitts explores how new digital manufacturing technologies can help meet productivity challenges of the construction industry.

The Digital Revolution is turning homes into data hubs

Nigel Walley considers how using software and online services to run residential homes well start a Smart City Revolution.

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