Register your drone capabilities

UK Drone services and solutions


Connected Places Catapult is building a catalogue of industry capabilities related to drone services and solutions in the UK.  The purpose of this is to:

  • Inform future procurements and partnerships on drone projects, pilots and demonstrations
  • Invite companies to relevant events, such as industry showcase days
  • Connect companies together, where there could be an opportunity for collaboration (with prior permission)

The intended outcome of these activities is to increase the adoption and use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) across the UK for economic, social, and environmental benefit.

By filling in this form, you will notify CPC of your capabilities and interests and enable us to keep you informed about opportunities which could be of interest to you.


The registration form can be downloaded here:

Register your drone capabilities

This form contains short general questions about your organisation, its capabilities, and interests.

We would be happy to receive brief responses with enough information to allow follow-up.  The page limits are suggested maximum limits, but they are not strict.

Additional materials are welcome, such as product specification documents, related research papers, case studies, or information on trials/deployments.

Please email your completed form, additional materials, and any queries to:


Who would we like to hear from? 

We are highly interested in each aspect of the end-to-end workflow which makes up a drone service or solution, not just the drone flight.  We would like to hear from companies interested in any UK sector with capabilities including but not limited to: 

  • Drone operators 
  • Drone flight planning, logistics and permissions 
  • Drone technology solutions  
  • Expertise in analysing, evaluation and sharing drone captured data 
  • Providing drone technology hardware 
  • Providing drone technology software 
  • Expertise in using robotics as part of a drone solution 
  • Expertise in using AI as part of the data analysis of a solution using drones