Call for Collaborators: Port logistics optimisation


We are looking for SMEs with expertise in Port Logistics Optimisation. Some areas of interest include Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Process Optimisation and Autonomous Systems to help us optimise cargo flow through maritime ports. You’ll be applying to take part in a sprint workshop on the 30th October in Tyneside which could lead to a collaboration with the Port of Tyne Innovation Hub.

SMEs without specific logistics experience are encouraged to apply if you feel your skills could help address challenge areas.

Autonomous Systems; Machine Learning; Civil Engineering Innovation
Challenge areas
  • Berth utilisation (managing road transport access and flow through ports)
  • Processing and managing different types of cargo within the port (arrival, storage and departure)

Successful applicants will take part in a workshop on the 30th October with the aim of:

  • Collaboratively developing a specification of an MVP (minimal viable product) that addresses the challenge areas with academics, port staff and potential competitors
  • Potentially entering a selection process following the workshop, to be part of the solution development, either individually or as part of a consortium, for delivery in early 2020.
Autonomous Systems; Machine Learning; Civil Engineering Innovation
SME Capability Criteria
  • Need not necessarily have experience working with ports or logistics, as a variety of different perspectives and industries is beneficial.
  • Should have any combination of the below capabilities:
    • Data analytics
    • Autonomous systems design
    • Logistics/cargo analytics
    • Process optimisation analytics
    • Machine learning and handwritten character recognition
  • Experience in the following areas would be beneficial:
    • Working with and finding solutions to non-machine-readable data i.e. images and videos
    • Working with disparate legacy systems
    • Working in process optimisation (e.g. manufacturing, process plant, goods flow etc.)
    • Whilst not necessary, experience in logistics would be a plus
How to Apply

To apply please fill out this application form and return it to SME@ts.catapult.org.uk. Application deadline is Sunday 13th October. Applicants will be scored on the week of Monday 14th October, and successful candidates will have been contacted by Monday 21st October to attend the Challenge Sprint Workshop on 30th October.