PlanTech Week set to bring global perspective to city planners and the intelligent transport community

Connected Places Catapult has announced high profile Speaker line-up for PlanTech Week.

PlanTech Week will see presenters from four continents exploring how new technology and digital transformation are changing the planning sector and what this means for planners, city officials, real estate owners, the transport industry, and others.

For the first time, PlanTech Week will also bring together the related disciplines of urban and transport planning, to explore how we can take into account new transport innovations like Connected and Autonomous Cars and Mobility as a Service when planning infrastructure in and between the places we live.

PlanTech Day One: Land Use Planning Innovation

Day one of PlanTech will focus on the land use planning system innovations being generated by government and industry both in the UK and globally. Speakers will provide their own experience and challenges with these innovations as well as the business and user experience benefits of adopting digital technology in the planning system.

Speakers will be providing insights from the United States, China, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, as well as a number of cutting-edge SMEs. Keynote speakers will provide valuable insights from the likes of Mott MacDonald, The Royal Town Planning Institute, Homes England and Gehl Architects.

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PlanTech Day Two: Planning for the Future of Mobility

Day two of PlanTech will explore how planning is evolving to support transport innovation and disruption. Key topic areas will include people, places, infrastructure and the business environment. Speakers will reveal how they are accommodating welcoming disruptions in the industry with the introduction of new technologies.

Attendees will be able to hear from the likes of Transport for London, Addison Lee, HS2 and Heathrow Runway Three, Crossrail 2, Zenzic and Ocado who will provide insights and expert views on how planning will have to evolve and adapt to support transport innovation and disruption.

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Stefan Webb, Director of Digitising Planning and Standards at the Connected Places Catapult said:

“This year will the first year PlanTech Week will fall under the umbrella of the new Connected Places Catapult and we are excited to take advantage of the opportunities this creates by bringing together two disciplines in urban and transport planning. Digital technology is providing tools to revolutionise how we plan places, and this is mirrored by the technology revolution sweeping the transport industry. By bringing the two areas together we can support the planning of development of truly connected places which work for everyone.”