We apply a holistic approach and technical expertise to support UK economic growth via the deployment of mobility innovation and future intelligent and connected mobility solutions. This approach enables faster innovation and transformation through applying various techniques including: understanding end-user needs, defining the concept of operation, requirements understanding, mature innovative design, physical & simulated trials, understanding regulation, safety cases and validation methodologies for increasingly complex systems.

Mobility Integration

The team will be working with governments, local authorities, operators and industrial system providers to utilise systems thinking principles to address current & future social, economic and environmental challenges – in order to determine appropriate innovative mobility solutions.  The team supports deeper understanding of the complexities and opportunities involved with providing mobility in the context of an increasingly connected society.

Mobility Technology Innovation

The team supports the maturation and readiness of mobility technology. This includes horizon scanning and technology identification to address specific needs including drawing on advances in non-transport domains. Team will work with innovators, SMEs and other industry to accelerate the incorporation of new and impactful technology to better serve future mobility needs.  Ensure technology is developed in the context of environmental priorities and addresses the market opportunity (drawn from wider CPC expertise).

Regulation, Safety, V&V Team

Working with standards and regulatory bodies and involving industry-wide experts to generate a fair, safe & secure operating environment with reduced barriers-to-entry. Enabling businesses wishing to operate in the sector to push forward with new products and service offerings with clear guidance. Enabling demonstration in operational environments of varying scale in order to help innovations mature to meet the stakeholders’ needs.

To scale success for our Mobility projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Mobilty network includes:

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