How to become a Pathfinder

To participate in the Pathfinder Programme and be nominated as a Pathfinder Project, you can make a request for an application by emailing drones@cp.catapult.org.uk.  Organisations will need to submit an application form that will be assessed against the criteria detailed in the Application Guidance (Part C below) document.  This must agree to the requirements set out which covers responsibilities in terms of communications and the sharing of outputs.

The Application Guidance also describes the Pathfinder Challenges, through which the Programme aims to push the boundaries of the current state of play and understand the major technical, operational and regulatory opportunities and barriers that exist for the adoption of drone technology.

Benefits of becoming a Pathfinder include the opportunity to inform Government roadmaps and policy as well as future regulatory constructs, the opportunity to learn from other Pathfinder projects and the Pathfinder Community at Pathfinder Community Days, and access to the CAA Innovation Hub services.

Full information can be found in the documents below.