IOT UK Nation Reports


Powered by Digital Catapult and Future Cities Catapult, IoTUK was a national programme. Over its three year duration, the project pushed the boundaries in IoT leadership, and increased the adoption of high quality IoT solutions throughout industry and the public sector.

IoTUK was designed to accelerate the UK’s IoT capability as part of the Government’s investment in IoT. The programme was pivotal in enabling IoT entrepreneurship, collaborating with organisations in a wide range of fields, including cities, health and industrial applications.

The programme’s focus was on enabling UK corporates and the public sector to make advances in creating their IoT capability in areas such as security and trust, data interoperability, investment justification and design development.

  • IoT UK highlighted projects that were already delivering proven value for business and citizens, so that other IoT adopters could can build upon these successful experiences.
  • It involved working with organisations across the UK to deliver a series of IoT innovation challenges and rapid incubation activities, supporting localised programmes and providing innovators with access to lower power wide area network (LPWAN) testbeds for prototyping
  • By running investor events, we introduced members of the investor community to high calibre and scaleups, initiating mutually beneficial relationships that gave fledging IoT businesses access to funding to develop their IoT solutions.

Following the completion of the programme, we have collated all of the reports here.

The IoT Nation 2018

In this report, we explore the sections of the UK’s IoT ecosystem and identify the key places of the growing network of IoT businesses, academic institutions and public bodies.

IoT Adoption Among Cities in the UK

This whitepaper examines how local authorities across the UK are leveraging IoT technologies in an urban setting. Specifically, it investigates their strategies, readiness, maturity and investments to date, along with their drivers, concerns and future plans for adoption.

Mapping the IoT Nation

This insight paper explores the current state of affairs in the IoT ecosystem in the UK. The paper maps the breadth of activities so that we can start to build an understanding and a picture of IoT in the UK. The work has included desk-research, face-to-face and telephone interviews, case-study investigations, and gathering a financial evidence base of publicly announced investments.

Social Isolation and Loneliness in the UK

Loneliness and social isolation are complex conditions which, until recently, have remained relatively under-researched. This report aims to provide an overview of the social isolation and loneliness landscape in the UK, taking into account the factors that contribute to the development of the conditions, those who are commonly affected, the impacts of the conditions on individuals and public services, and the approaches and interventions that are currently used to address them.

The Future of Street Lighting

Public street lighting is an essential element of urban environment. It affects residents’ sense of safety and social inclusion, improves visibility for motorists, and also creates an inviting environment for business and tourism after dark. This report will discuss the progression of smart lighting infrastructure from the adoption of LED bulbs, to the creation of a distribution smart city platform.