Expression of Interest to Collaborate with Connected Places Catapult on the Eureka Globalstars Singapore competition

The Connected Places Catapult is looking for SME partners who are interested in exporting into the Singaporean market. The call for proposals will be an open call inviting projects from any sector area, and participants from Singapore and the respective Eureka countries, including the UK, are invited to submit joint project proposals in the research and development of innovative products and applications with a strong market potential.

The GlobalStars funding competition was launched by EUREKA, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, and is open scope.

They are seeking collaborative R&D projects which will result in a new product, industrial process or service, be innovative, and involve an element of technological risk. Projects must start between 1 April 2021 and 30 June 2021 and last up to 24 months.

The deadline for proposal submissions is now closed.

Selection criteria

  1. Product development level: TRL4-7
  2. Ground-breaking technologies with the potential for commercialisation in the urban and transport sectors and a detailed understanding of urban data. We are particularly interested in companies in the Plantech industry
  3. Financial capacity to provide match-funding
  4. Partners in Singapore
  5. UK registered
  6. Expertise in CR&D projects (bid development and delivery)
  7. International experience highly desirable.
How to apply

If you are interested in collaborating with us on this exciting project, please submit your expression of interest to Aline Martins: before 7th October. To submit, we will require the following from your business:

  • Company Name:
  • Registration Number:
  • Size: Micro/Small/Medium
  • Company Description:
  • TRL:
  • Project Description:
  • Why would you like to work in Singapore?
  • Describe your partners in Singapore (if applicable):
  • Describe your experience in CR&D projects:
  • Have you got financial capacity to provide match-funding? Y/N (Note that the total project size is up to £350k, and SMEs are required to provide 30% match-funding)
  • What kind of support would you be interested in getting from CPC?

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Aline on the email above.