ARPAS-UK Partnership – Industry engagement and education

As a partner to the Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme, ARPAS-UK, the trade association for the UK drone industry, engaged widely across UK sector verticals to drive the safe adoption of drones via awareness and education.  This included running CPD seminar sessions, hosting presentations at large trade shows, and releasing a series of educational ‘case studies’ about how drones can be used to improve safety, productivity and decisions-making in different applications.

This page contains some of the outputs of ARPAS’s work with the programme.

Asset management, repair and maintenance enabled by drones

Drones are transforming the way that buildings and infrastructure assets are inspected. Owners of place and property portfolios can harness drone services to drive safety, productivity and efficiency whilst also improving resident and service user satisfaction.

Delivering accurate topographic surveys with drones

Drones are revolutionising the way that construction and infrastructure assets or sites are surveyed. Planners, Designers and Engineers can commission drone-based surveys to drive safety, productivity and efficiency whilst also reducing landowner disruption or tricky access issues.

Heat loss monitoring and control using drones

Home insulation and energy efficiency are key topics not just for homeowners and tenants but also for the government if it is to meet its ambitious CO2 reduction targets. Homes account for approximately 15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions through their use of oil and gas for heating and hot water. As an inspection tool, aerial thermal imaging can accurately pinpoint areas for improvement, as well as being able to monitor the effectiveness of any remedial works.

Deploying drones for Gas Detection and Monitoring

Gas sensors for the detection and monitoring of harmful substances within the environment such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane are essential elements of environmental risk assessment. While traditional methods have been used for a long time, they are slow, risky and costly.  To overcome some of these and other challenges, companies can deploy drones, which provide faster, cost-effective, and safe unmanned aerial methane detection solution.

Online CPD sessions

Initially funded through the Pathfinder Programme, ARPAS-UK teamed up with a panel of leading specialists to deliver CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions.  While many of the sessions have already been delivered, you can check this page for updates about future sessions: