SHAPE UK Showcase

Leading the hydrogen transition in the Solent
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Event finished: 24th March 2022

The SHAPE UK project is leading the way in creating the future fuel ecosystem to power a decarbonized maritime sector.

Through this event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the unique position of the Solent and Portsmouth International Port, the technologies deployed and knowledge gained through this trial from the project partners. Attendees are invited to join the partners either virtually, or in-person at Portsmouth International Port to meet and work with regional stakeholders in creating new initiatives, building on the vibrant innovation ecosystem in the Solent.

Agenda to follow.


The decarbonisation of the maritime sector is a global challenge, with global opportunities where we can build on the UK’s key strengths. Our ports have a vital role to play as future energy hubs in the decarbonisation of maritime, but also across multiple transport modes and communities.

Hydrogen presents significant opportunities as a future fuel for the maritime sector, as well as other transport modes. As multi-modal transport hubs, at the interface of land and sea, ports have a crucial role to play in enabling and supporting the transition to a cleaner maritime sector and a cleaner future for coastal communities.

SHAPE UK, led by the University of Portsmouth, brings together a wide range of expertise from industry and academia – Portsmouth International Port, Lloyd’s Register, five SMEs (Engas Global Limited, IOTICS, B4T, KnowNow, and COX), two universities (the Universities of Portsmouth and Brighton) and the Connected Places Catapult.

Portsmouth International Port is the UK’s largest and most successful municipal port, owned by Portsmouth City Council, and is one of the sites of the new Solent Freeport. It is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral UK port by 2030, and the first zero-emission port by 2050.

The project partners have worked to identify the barriers, infrastructure and regulatory considerations that will enable port managers to install and demonstrate a “Green Hydrogen” generation and storage system within the Port. Also through our demonstrator activity, we will be showcasing a working vessel, powered by an engine using Green Hydrogen.

All of the work has been tied together through impact analysis, workable business models and recommendations and plans for future scalability in other ports across the UK.

The SHAPE UK project is part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, funded by the Department for Transport and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.

Announced in March 2020, and part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan to position the UK at the forefront of green shipbuilding and maritime technology, the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition is a £20m investment from government alongside a further c.£10mfrom industry to reduce emissions from the maritime sector. The programme is supporting 55 projects across the UK, including projects in Scotland, Northern Ireland and from the South West to the North East of England. As set out in the Clean Maritime Plan (2019), Government funding has been used to support early stage research relating to clean maritime. The programme will be used to support the research, design and development of zero emission technology and infrastructure solutions for maritime and to accelerate decarbonisation in the sector.