Public Innovation Procurement Resource Kit

Ask a pioneering local leader why they’re not harnessing the innovation opportunities of the market to solve their locality’s service challenges and you’ll often get the response; “Procurement policy doesn’t allow it”.

That’s why Connected Places Catapult is engaged with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement ecosystem to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement, share pioneering practice, and set out new pathways for the procurement of new solutions by the public sector.

Below are some resources that can help you on your journey to learn more about how innovation in how we think about procurement is key to procuring innovation.

Creating Connected Places: A Series of Online Courses for Innovation-driven Placemakers

Creating Connected Places is a series of online courses provided by Connected Places Catapult and available on the City X City Academy platform. These courses aim to equip international city practitioners, commissioners, and decision makers with very practical training that can be applied independently from your local context. The course aims to provide you with new concepts and ideas from some of our experts in the field of local innovation.