Moving on the mersey

Imagine a sustainable future, built from the historical ports & waterborne infrastructure of our past.

The Moving on the Mersey Series focuses on the port city of Liverpool to demonstrate how we can create a sustainable future for our port cities by regenerating historical ports and waterways creating thriving residential, work and cultural spaces fuelled by sustainable transport.

Breathe life into waterfront areas, creating vibrant residential, commercial and cultural spaces, powered by low carbon waterborne transport

  • Take the ‘guesswork’ out of local travel with integrated waterborne transport.
  • Deliver community benefits using waterborne transport to access work, education, essential services, healthcare & leisure.
  • Understand how port cities can reaffirm their identity as destination places their identity using affordable, low-carbon, integrated transport.

Three reports with examples of how ports and inland waterways can create prosperity & reduce carbon

Freight User Journey

Tourist User Journey

Passenger User Journey

Restore historic freight routes, 
with freeports & sustainable propulsion

  • Combine inland waterways with low-carbon transport to provide a gateway for goods to the Midlands and the North of the UK.
  • Harness UK Free-ports to move goods with tax benefits for business who import, process, manufacture and re-export goods.
  • Imagine the reduced carbon freight journey for commodities moving through port cities.

Reimagine Kate’s daily commute
Faster, more convenient & carbon neutral

Bring prosperity and jobs to communities in need by becoming waterfront tourist destination with a green infrastructure

  • Understand our proposed tourist journey that weaves together new developments and the existing tourism sector.
  • Dock system autonomous water taxi – a low-carbon passenger, commuter, cyclist and light freight water taxi network.
  • Semi-autonomous waterbus – Automated, zero-emission, passenger boat transit.

real life applications
from waterfront cities

Copenhagen All Electric Bus Service

Download the Moving on the Mersey Series

Three reports that showcase how port cities and waterfront areas can create prosperity and reduce carbon.