Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure Showcase

DATE: 29 March, 2022

LOCATION: Urban Innovation Centre, Farringdon, London (by invitation only) & Hopin

START TIME: 9:00 am END TIME: 5:00 pm

Preparing airports for zero emission aircraft 

“As the first major economy in the world to commit to net-zero by 2050, we are leading the charge to cut aviation emissions through the Jet Zero Council.” Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps MP 

Airport infrastructure must rapidly evolve to enable net-zero aviation by 2050 and ensure the UK leads in zero emission aviation systems.  

This event supports the overarching goal of decarbonisation of the UK aviation sector and will showcase the findings, roadmap and demonstrations conducted through the Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure project and the Zero Emissions Infrastructure Transport Research Innovation Grant (TRIG: ZEF) which the Department for Transport (DfT) has commissioned the Connected Places Catapult to undertake.  

Join us on Tuesday 29th March to:  

  • Explore the challenges and most innovative solutions to zero emission flight infrastructure  
  • Understand the impact and requirements for introducing hydrogen and battery powered aircraft into airports 
  •  Discuss the roadmap for the integration and implementation of hydrogen fuels within airports 
  • Develop a greater understanding of current aviation policy and standards for the handling of hydrogen fuels and electric power at airports 
  • Clarify the actions and investments airports will need to make to incorporate hydrogen into their daily operations 


Robert Courts MP

Minister for Aviation, Maritime and Security

Department for Transport

Sarah Sharples

Chief Scientific Adviser

Department for Transport

Rachel Gardner-Poole

Chief Operating Officer

Connected Places Catapult

Holly Greig

Deputy Director Aviation Decarbonisation

Department for Transport

Nick Chism

Non-Executive Director

Connected Places Catapult

Derek Provan

Chief Executive Officer

AGS Airports Ltd

Katy Milne

Head of Industrial Strategy


Simon Earles

Director of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs

Bristol Airport

Dr Ruth Mallors-Ray OBE


RMR Consultants

Bronwen Jones

Director of Development

Gatwick Airport

Arnab Chatterjee

VP Infrastructure

Zero Avia

Jason Fowler


British Aviation Group

Graham Bolton

Global Aviation Practice Leader

Mott MacDonald

Nick Fleming

Head of sector transport and mobility


Mark Aizlewood

Aviation Sustainability Team Lead

Connected Places Catapult

Rebecca Goulding

SME Development Programme Lead

Connected Places Catapult

Max Brown

VP Technology

GKN Aerospace

Sam Markey

Ecosystem Director for Place Leadership

Connected Places Catapult

David Mitchell

Head of Client Delivery

UK Power Networks Services

Henry Tse

Executive Director of New Mobility Technologies

Connected Places Catapult


  • 29th March 2022

Opening remarks and welcome by Rachel Gardner-Poole, Chief Operating Officer, Connected Places Catapult

The introduction of zero emission aircraft technology brings with it the potential to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of aviation, particularly when it is integrated into our overall transportation system.

Nick Chism, Non-Executive Director, Connected Places Catapult

Overview of the ZEFI project and the main findings.

Henry Tse, Executive Director of New Mobility Technologies, Connected Places Catapult

Mark Aizlewood, Aviation Sustainability Team Lead, Connected Places Catapult


Keynote delivered by Sarah Sharples, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport

In this session, you will hear the highlights and some of the primary findings from the TRIG ZEF innovation grants.

Rebecca Goulding, SME Development Programme Lead, Connected Places Catapult

Parallel session for TRIG projects to livestream presentations.

TRIG Pitches

In this session the outputs from our successful demonstrations will be presented.


The clearest call from COP26 was that it is now time for action. Whilst much progress is being made on zero emission flight infrastructure, there remain four key challenge areas which need to be urgently addressed in order to unblock progress: Technology Readiness, Operations, Standardisation, and Parallel Demands.

Holly Greig, Deputy Director Aviation Decarbonisation, Department for Transport

Jason Fowler, Chair, British Aviation Group

Graham Bolton, Global Aviation Practice Leader, Mott MacDonald

Nick Fleming, Head of Sector Transport and Mobility, BSI

David Mitchell, Head of Client Delivery, UK Power Networks Services

Minister for Aviation, Maritime and Security.

Robert Courts MP, Minister for Aviation, Maritime and Security, Department for Transport

This session will introduce the two roadmaps for Electric and Hydrogen Infrastructure.  Using the capability level framework, it will present the current trajectory of the technology and key enablers for Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure.

Mark Aizlewood, Aviation Sustainability Team Lead, Connected Places Catapult

Refreshment break and networking . Visit the exhibitor stands in person or online

This session explores the complexities of zero emission flight; from technologies, fuel options and infrastructure. Hear from the leading voices in zero emissions aircraft and aviation development on progress towards zero emission introduction into airports and the charge towards ‘guilt free flight’.

Simon Earles, Director of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Bristol Airport

Katy Milne, Head of Industrial Strategy, FlyZero

Arnab Chatterjee, VP Infrastructure, Zero Avia

Max Brown, VP Technology, GKN Aerospace

(Moderator) Dr Ruth Mallors-Ray OBE, Director, RMR Consultants

We’ll hear from two airports on their current and future plans for zero emission flight.

Bronwen Jones, Director of Development, Gatwick Airport

Derek Provan, Chief Executive Officer, AGS Airports Ltd

Sam Markey, Ecosystem Director for Place Leadership, Connected Places Catapult