Track Worker Safety Innovation – Awareness and Information Webinar

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Event finished: 15th April 2021

Across the UK rail network, regular and routine maintenance is conducted by rail staff in order to keep the network fully operational. While all effort is made to ensure these maintenance operations are conducted safely, trackside operations present a hazard to maintenance operatives. Providing additional safety and reducing risk is always a priority.

Innovative ideas are required to provide additional safety to maintenance teams (Track Workers) of pre-planned engineering works. The track safety innovation solution should:

  • Be deployable by maintenance teams on the track
  • Maximise the safety of track workers in addition to Applying EPR (Engineering Possession Reminder).
  • Signaller cannot override it remotely
  • Specifically, for lines monitored using Axle Counters
  • Solution could be any innovative ideas to bring additional safety for Track Workers.

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