Third Thursday: Post-Pandemic Places

DATE: 16 July, 2020


START TIME: 4:00 pm END TIME: 5:00 pm

The onset of coronavirus and the drastic, mitigating measures that it has necessitated globally have brought a dire set of challenges for businesses, governments and citizens.

Despite its devastating impact on people’s lives and businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic represents an inflection point for connected post-pandemic places and will provide significant opportunities for innovative businesses and place leaders. The pandemic has shown that many barriers to innovation are molehills masquerading as mountains.

In this Third Thursday webinar we will highlight how connected places businesses have already risen to the challenge of COVID-19 and explore some of the market opportunities that the pandemic has created or accelerated across various sectors including, Mobility, Built Environment and Well Being.

Read the Innovation Brief to start exploring the opportunities that we have identified ahead of the webinar.


Richard Miller

Associate Director

Connected Places Catapult

Tamar Loach

Head of Data Science and Software Development

Connected Places Catapult

Bob Burgoyne

Market Intelligence Team Lead

Connected Places Catapult



Welcome from Connected Places Catapult by Sam Markey, Director of Strategic Analysis, Connected Places Catapult


What can the coronavirus pandemic teach us about future innovation needs? by Richard Miller, Associate Director, Connected Places Catapult


Panel discussion

  • Richard Miller, Associate Director, Connected Places Catapult
  • Tamar Loach, Data Science Team Lead, Connected Places catapult
  • Bob Burgoyne, Market Intelligence Team Lead, Connected Places Catapult

Questions from the audience


Webinar ends

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