City Leaders Dialogues: The net zero road to COP26 and beyond

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Event finished: 12th July 2021

Spotlight on The City of Helsinki

Cities are key to ensure the world builds back better after the Covid 19 shock. Aiming at better understanding how cities around the world are implementing innovative measures to ensure a sustainable and just future, UK’s Connected Places Catapult has partnered with Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities to deliver a series of dialogues with city leaders between now and COP26 in Glasgow in November. This series will promote senior level debates, in a fireside format, on key topics such as Post-Pandemic Green Recovery, Smart Resilience and the city’s contribution to achieve the global climate commitments.

Join us in our City leaders Dialogue Series as Professor Greg Clark CBE, Chairman of Connected Places Catapult has a fireside chat with Mayor Jan Vapaavuori, City of Helsinki, who will be showcasing best practices from Helsinki that are leading the way in a Resilient and Green recovery following the city’s pledge to be a carbon neutral and climate resilient city by 2030.