Maritime Funding Playbook Webinar

You are an SME in the maritime sector, looking to fund your next stage of development? We are launching our special funding playbook to help you on this journey.
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Event finished: 31st January 2024

When and where?

31st January 2024
10:00am - 11:30am


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Join us for the launch of our Maritime SME Innovation Funding Guide packed with first-hand information and expert insights on the available public and private investment for UK entrepreneurs looking to innovate in this major sector of our economy.

There is no better time than the beginning of the new year to get up to speed with the funding landscape in the sector and hear from key contributors to our Maritime SME Funding Guide from the investment and innovation community. During this webinar we’ll be covering topics like grant and equity funding as well as what support is available for you as innovator to give your best shot at securing the right funding needed for your sustainable growth. Fellow entrepreneurs from across CPC’s accelerator, funding and cluster programmes with stakes in the digitalisation, decarbonization and safety of our ports and ships will share their own innovation funding journeys and perspectives on the maritime as a growth opportunity.

Our goal is to offer you a dynamic, interactive session where you’ll have the opportunity to ask our experts and fellow innovators questions and come away with useful information and clear action plan how to fund your maritime innovation in the new year ahead.

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Whats on and when?

Day 1
31st January
Welcome & Introduction
Maritime SME Funding Playbook Launch
The Investor Perspective
CETO AI - SME experienced in maritime innovation
Grants & publicly funded support for maritime investors
Continental Engineering Services - SME interested in maritime innovation
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