Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype Webinar

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Event finished: 27th January 2021

Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype; land use planning webinar

This land use planning webinar is part of the Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype project, the first stage of a strategic programme to create an integrated model that will support planning for net zero growth and achieving decarbonisation commitments.

The work intended to:

  • Increase understanding of the current status of modelling and the associated data landscape
  • Gain insights into how models, tools and data are used to support planning and strategic decision making by local authorities today; and to identify opportunities for future development
  • Develop a prototype that demonstrates the art of the possible in integrated planning
  • Successfully engage key stakeholders (including local authorities and suppliers/developers, including innovative SMEs) for collaboration opportunities beyond the lifetime of this project.


  • Introductions (10 mins)
  • Background of the Project (10mins)
  • Introduction to Bradford University Research (10mins)
  • Outline of the Methodology and Prototype from Unboxed (20mins)
  • Questions from audience (10mins)