Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype Webinar

DATE: 27 January, 2021

LOCATION: Online Webinar

START TIME: 2:30 pm END TIME: 3:30 pm

The primary aim of the project, was the development of a prototype of an integrated land use tool, which will be able to bring together different sources of land use planning data such as energy use, traffic and transport movements and housing trends so the implications of planning on reducing carbon emissions can be better understood.

Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype; land use planning webinar

This land use planning webinar is part of the Integrated Land Use Planning Prototype project, the first stage of a strategic programme to create an integrated model that will support planning for net zero growth and achieving decarbonisation commitments.

The work intended to:

  • Increase understanding of the current status of modelling and the associated data landscape
  • Gain insights into how models, tools and data are used to support planning and strategic decision making by local authorities today; and to identify opportunities for future development
  • Develop a prototype that demonstrates the art of the possible in integrated planning
  • Successfully engage key stakeholders (including local authorities and suppliers/developers, including innovative SMEs) for collaboration opportunities beyond the lifetime of this project.


Nelio Matos

Senior Urbanist and Technical Lead

Connected Places Catapult

Ali Blake



Dhaval Thakker

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Bradford University Research

Celia Collins



Graeme McCubbin

Delivery Manager



  • Introductions (10 mins)
  • Background of the Project (10mins)
  • Introduction to Bradford University Research (10mins)
  • Outline of the Methodology and Prototype from Unboxed (20mins)
  • Questions from audience (10mins)

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