Housing Breakfast – The Future of Housing Standards

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Event finished: 10th July 2019

These outcomes affect the entire life cycle of our future homes and with increasing the future of housing standards and with well-defined standards implemented we can successfully can deliver this.

These outcomes include:

  • Ensuring new homes are built with quality in mind (eg, Building for Life)
  • Ensuring homes meet minimum living standards (eg, the Living Home Standard)
  • Helping respond to the climate emergency (eg, Passivhaus)
  • Standardising data to enable better property maintenance (eg, the HACT Data standard)
  • Protecting consumers (eg, ETSI cyber security standards for connected devices)
  • Improving wellbeing (eg, WELL)
  • Enabling offsite construction

It’s been five years since the last housing standards review and 15 years since the government’s Decent Homes Standards was updated. The announcement of a Future Homes Standards in April, led to a groundhog day feeling within the housing community. Yet the challenges associated with housing are still just as relevant today. We need to have a new conversation.

What are the priorities for a future homes standard? How do we change the way we develop standards to better engage people and improve adoption?

In this session we’ll have short presentations highlighting some of the key issues followed by a Q&A giving you the opportunity to have your say so we can start to building a much needed dialogue and community of interest on this topic.

Join us for another Housing Breakfast discussion, part of a series of debates and events at Connected Places Catapult on the Future of Housing. As well as inspiring future ideas, speakers from across the housing sector will share practical visions and actionable insights on where and how we can promote innovation and bring through new commercial opportunities to help achieve sustained and scalable transformation in housing.