Homes for Healthy Ageing Report Launch

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Event finished: 26th February 2020

These patterns in ageing have been localised to create pockets across the nation that are unable to cope with this unbalance. Those born in 1951-55 have 28% more wealth in real terms in their 60s than any generation since. Only those born before the 1960s are experiencing cohort-on-cohort wealth progress. Due to shifts in “housing-cost-to income levels, 75% of the UK’s primary property ownership belongs to family’s headed by someone aged 65 and older. Predominantly this generation is opting to remain in homes that fail to meet the Decent Home Standards and are leading to a dramatic rise in A&E visits that are preventable.

During the Connected Places Catapult Housing Innovation Week in September 2019 industry stakeholders were convened to explore the challenges and opportunities for adapting homes to be safe from hazards and designed to support independent living for longer.

Join us to hear more about the main findings of the report and collectively what role we can all play to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities.