‘Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme’ Webinar

Innovating for Healthier, Age-Friendly Housing in the UK
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Event finished: 28th March 2023

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28th March 2023
10:00am - 11:30am


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Join us on Tuesday 28th March at 10am for an opportunity to find out more about our Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme.

The webinar will share key insights and findings from our 2-year Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme, and invites innovators, collaborators, investors and designers across housing and health ecosystems to find out how can collectively work across sectors to accelerate the delivery of healthy, age-friendly homes across the UK.

 Innovating for Healthier, Age-Friendly Housing in the UK

In the next decade, 20% of the UK’s population will be over 65 years old, increasing to 25% by 2050. To ensure the health and wellbeing of these generations and enable people to live independently for longer, the built environment industry requires innovative design thinking, scalable business models and de-risked investment opportunities to stimulate growth. This will require cross sector collaboration between investors, national and local government, SMEs, academics and designers to deliver change at pace.

With a £2.5m investment over 2 years, Connected Places Catapult’s ‘Homes for Healthy Ageing’ programme has demonstrated with our programme partners the role that innovation, collaboration, and a human-centred approach can play in accelerating the development of healthy, age-friendly homes.

Through the programme, we have co-designed a Real-World Testing Framework with housing providers, older adults’ communities, local place leaders, healthcare providers, and academics to identify, trial, and showcase innovative solutions to healthy ageing challenges in a safe, real-world environment. This is a scalable model that can now be harnessed by investors and housing industry leaders across the country to de-risk future investment in innovation from UK businesses to support the retrofit and delivery of healthy homes

The impact of this approach has been demonstrated with 5 testbeds across the UK in Northern Ireland, Sunderland, Leeds, Brighton and Hove, and Essex. With hands-on support and access to the latest innovation from 27 UK businesses, our partners have gained a better understanding of how innovation can be harnessed by homeowners and local place leaders to overcome local healthy ageing challenges – including cold and damp homes, social isolation and loneliness, and efficiency of the delivery of care in homes by informal and formal carers.


  • Erin Walsh (Director of Built Environment), Connected Places Catapult
  • Rachna Leveque (Senior Housing Innovation), Connected Places Catapult
  • Clemence Martin-Beaumont (Living Labs Manager), , Connected Places Catapult