Ethical use of data in micromobility

Join us for a chance to know more about the ethical uses of data in micromobility.
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Event finished: 25th March 2022

E-scooter sharing services are rapidly growing helping accelerate micromobility as a niche mode of transport. It is important for city planning officials, local authorities and businesses to make use of ethical means of data in micromobility. This means analyzing only the ‘ride’ data and protecting ‘rider’ data.

Especially, in an emerging mode of transport, it is imperative for businesses to protect user data. This webinar will give an in-depth view on how local governments and businesses can address today’s data challenges in an upcoming transport sector, public policy that need to be adopted for micromobility, and improved decision making on how data can be used effectively.

This webinar will draw on the experiences of major e-scooter sharing service TIER, local authority – Solent Transport, global non-profit organization OMF and the Department for Transport. For too long, user data has been living in fear of misuse. Join us on the 25th of March @ 3pm to help erase that fear and to better understand the ethical uses of data in micromobility.