Demand Modelling & Assessment through a Network Demonstrator (DeMAND) Project Final Showcase webinar

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Event finished: 1st October 2020

During the 2019 DeMAND project, Connected Places Catapult in collaboration with the Department for Transport developed a new methodology to assess the impact New Mobility Services, Demand Responsive Transport and Mobility as a Service might have on travel behaviours.

DeMAND project

Autonomy and flexibility are changing the way we travel. However, the transport models used by Local Authorities to assess the demand for travel are unable to consider the full complexity of travellers’ needs and the contribution shared mobility makes in a well-established public transport system.

The DeMAND project developed a large-scale agent-based model, powered by higher granularity mobile network data, representing a digital twin for the Tyne and Wear in England and is best placed to appraise the changes in travel behaviours when new technologies or trends emerge. This can either be the introduction of a new mode of transport, such as shared mobility, e-scooters and bike sharing schemes or Digital Demand Responsive Transport.

This webinar provides an overview of the challenges Local Authorities face when evaluating policy interventions for an integrated urban mobility and the potential in adopting agent-based modelling to the creation of a sustainable transport system at regional level.

Moreover, the webinar will describe the development of the prototype, including data requirements and techniques to generate a synthetic population using higher granular mobile network data.

This webinar is aimed for all stakeholders interested in urban mobility solutions and how agent-based modelling can support transport policy interventions.