Connections Café: Accelerating the Journey to Net Zero

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Event finished: 1st December 2021

Connections Café is our series of SME innovation support events that explore developments and opportunities in the built environment and mobility sectors that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness. They offer support and guidance to growing businesses to help them bridge the gap between new innovations and commercial success.

We welcome all SMEs and businesses who work within these exciting sectors.

Following COP26, it has been made clear that identifying challenges and setting ambitious targets to tackle the climate crisis is just the beginning of reaching a sustainable solution to climate change. We now need to turn our attention to the tangible and proactive actions and behavioural changes required to achieve real, lasting change.

This post-COP26 event hosted by Connected Places Catapult is deepening the conversations surrounding the actions required to meet the ambitious Net Zero goals set out during COP26. Starting locally, the first panel session will showcase how SMEs can receive support in Glasgow to achieve their Net Zero commitments.

Our next session brings together SMEs, academics and government stakeholders to help us understand the UK-wide societal and behavioural changes needed for us to achieve our targets.

Finally, we look beyond the UK as we examine how international partnerships with SMEs, city governments, bodies and organisations –such as those hosted by Connected Places Catapult during COP26 – are crucial to tackling our challenges to reach our shared Net Zero goals.

By attending this event, you will be able to connect with key stakeholders in the drive towards Net Zero and participate in roundtable discussions with SMEs, industry experts and government officials, in the UK and Latin American markets.