Collaborate with Network Rail: Solutions to improve data processing on the Yellow Train fleet

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Event finished: 10th March 2020


The sought requirement is an automated solution that will improve the efficiency of the Track Geometry Infrastructure Monitoring Fleet team’s data processing role, resulting in a significant reduction in data processing time.

Network Rail has a fleet of seven dedicated track geometry recording trains, known as the Track Geometry Infrastructure Monitoring Fleet, (aka Yellow Trains – YT). These trains traverse the rail network and scan the infrastructure to monitor the condition of the infrastructure and report on its status. The YT fleet is equipped with a range of measurement technologies that can be configured in different ways depending on the type of infrastructure being recorded. These trains operate from Derby and are dispatched on scanning activities based on plans that are committed to up to three years in advance. Each shift includes specific sections of the track that must be recorded. Sections of track are recorded as defined by the track geometry train recording plan, a reference file called Journey Files or Route Setting Tapes are used to identify and record specific sections.

  • Registration and coffee 9:30 am to 10 am
  • Introduction and questions
  • Presentations from the project team
  • Close
  • Networking Lunch from 12:30

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