Cityx – The Future of Connected Places Business Expo 2019

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Event finished: 13th November 2019

Citywill bring together leading thinkers, city leaders, academics and businesses to explore today’s priority city and mobility challenges, to discover how UK businesses are harnessing emerging technologies, to unlock radical new solutions and to develop the relationships needed to drive forward connected places for everyone.

As the world becomes ever-busier, so finite resources are being tested by very real environmental concerns. But by embedding intelligent connection at every level of our social infrastructure we can make places that work holistically for the wellbeing of us all and the world we live in.

Cityx, the Future of Connected Places Expo, will bring together leaders, businesses and cities working in two key areas – Housing and Mobility – where change is both urgently needed and entirely achievable if we all work together.

Join like-minded, focussed businesses and innovators at our two-day business expo, 13-14 November, to get connected to the many opportunities in housing innovation and mobility solutions.