Bid Writing Masterclass for SMEs

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Event finished: 28th October 2020

While contracting authorities state commitments to help SMEs tender for more contracts, there are still a number of hurdles for bidders to cross that may not be obvious until much time, money and resources are spent on pulling a bid together. The essential question for SMEs, is how to choose a contract that your business can realistically uphold, and at the same time achieve your company’s short, medium- and long-term goals? Knowing which type of contract worth bidding on, and how to go by writing the bid, can almost be a “deal-breaker” between building and maintaining a business that you want to run, and having your business shaped predominantly by outside factors.

We are pleased to announce that Connected Places Catapult will be running the Bid Writing Masterclass on the 28th October, for SMEs who are needing support on bid writing that can enhance their successes in grant proposals and contracts. If you are an SME looking to explore this space, you will have the opportunity to hear more from our expert speaker Adam Webb (Head of Bids and Tenders of Connected Places Catapult), and engage in a small-group activity to kick-start new thinking.

This is a free masterclass, but please be aware that we will be selecting a cohort of SMEs to participate; your responses on the questions provided during sign up will be important for us to assess whether this masterclass is best match to your needs.

Please note that this event is scheduled to be a virtual masterclass, but we may bring this event to a physical setting at our London office according to any changes on Covid 19 regulations made by the government.