A Playbook for Indian and UK Megacities Launch

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Event finished: 18th March 2022

Connected Places Catapult is undertaking a research and benchmarking study of megacities in the UK and developing roadmaps for sustainable urban development for their counterpart Indian megacities, with a focus on low emission mobility, innovation hubs, smart technology deployment, application of innovative technologies and the role of mobility in socio-economic performance of a megacity.

We will look at complex urban centres in each country and provide a framework for understanding lessons learned and knowledge exchange between the approaches of the complex urban centres in planning, implementing and measuring the impact of projects and programmes to support their sustainable and socio-economic development.

With a focus on ensuring local company involvement, the analysis will look how UK and Indian large cities can leverage and unlock investment with target ecosystems to catalyse innovation and economic activity. The report features a roadmap guiding local authorities and private sector actors how to move forward with collaborative projects between the UK and Indian counterparts and the launch event will be a first step towards achieving this goal.