The future of Drone Automation in Industry

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Event finished: 24th January 2022

As part of the DfT funded Drone Pathfinder Catalyst programme, Connected Places Catapult has been engaging across industry sectors to unlock the productivity and safety benefits that drone solutions offer. 

We are excited to invite you to attend our first virtual Drone Pathfinder Catalyst event of the year showcasing the future of automated drone use in infrastructure, construction and security in partnership with Network Rail and Herotech8 ltd. Register now to discover the roadmap to drone automation, explore current and emerging use cases.

We’re hosting this event online on the 27th January, 10am-12pm.

About our partners:

Network Rail Air Operations have an established drone operations team, trialling visual structural integrity monitoring of tracks and powerlines, thermal inspections, incident first-response and automated flights. The next stage of development is incorporating automated flights within routine maintenance, reducing human risk, improving early detection of line faults and saving service disruption costs across the network.

Herotech8 are a UK manufacturer of an automated drone in a box solution and have a clear roadmap towards realising their ‘drones as a service’ vision. Their solution enables customers to automatically deploy, recover and recharge drones from anywhere in the world, with each station being built around an automated recharging system that monitors drone health. Their solution has been operational in the UK and internationally for approximately 2 years and organisations are using it to generate savings and improve safety in infrastructure inspection, security, and search and rescue use cases. This technology is rapidly developing and early adopters stand to benefit the most.

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